Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band Reveal ‘Music Gone Public’
Jul 2017

Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band Reveal ‘Music Gone Public’

July 27, 2017…The concert television program, Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band: A Music Gone Public Special, is now available within the PBS/Public Television system as a for-broadcast program. Additionally, it will be accessible exclusively on PBS station websites across the country in August as a VOD (Video On Demand) option – a prestigious co-branding with public television stations that is only available to about 50 musical acts a year.

The program will be released as a sneak preview of Music Gone Public Season Two and will be re-released in winter with the other programs from the project created by producer Peter Berkow.

See a video from the show, “Pardon Me.”

“Many of the acts I have produced (such as Tommy Emmanuel) were relatively unknown until our programs hit the airwaves on PBS stations,” Berkow said. “The exposure introduced them to millions of new fans. I’m delighted to do that for Robinson and Nunally. They certainly deserve it. This is one of the most beautiful shows I have created. It has everything: Rabble-rousing guitar chops, sweet harmonies, thought-provoking poetry, and a touch of humor mixed with the profound. I absolutely love this act – and the reviews they are getting show many critics agree.”

Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally’s new album, Baby Let’s Take the Long Way Home, features a mixture of studio recordings and live recordings released directly from this PBS show. No Depression’s John Apice writes, “The instrumentation is consistently flawless … a bright, modernized arrangement here that is invigorating. Great finale vocally by Nell … It’s a smokin’ live performance.”

Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally Band’s summer tour has included stops at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville as well as the Vancouver Folk Festival. They will be featured on the FreshGrass Festival lineup in North Adams, Massachusetts in September.

To view Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band: A Music Gone Public Special, please contact Peter Berkow at

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